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shenghua super white glazed tile 2

shenghua super white glazed tile 1

cy artist tile-2022-2

cy-rustic tile -2022

shenghua matte white tile 2023-1

1920 Decoration tile 2022-2


inspection-inspection report

3C mandatory certification

shenghua brand company of trademark registation - Shou Hana House Silent Beauty

ISO-Changing ISO certificate in Chinese and English (valid date 2022.10.09-2025.10.08)

Yue Chang Ying 3C certificate

ChangYing Ceramics trademark registration certificate

patent licence -Tile (Peacock Feather Fan)

company certificate of trademark registration-Guangdong Changying trademark registration certificate

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    ChangYing tile will lead the origin of home culture, and continue to create: high value, high quality, high value-added tile products.

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