Ancestral Temple Series

The Ancestral Temple was built in the Yuanfeng period of the Northern Song Dynasty, and the building is heavily decorated with pottery sculptures, wood carvings, brick carvings and ash sculptures, making it a temple building with a rigorous structure and strong Lingnan characteristics. The temple is paved with green stones, arches and flying eaves, lingering clear sounds and winding corridors, and the layers of roof tiles are filled with dust and ash of history, standing into history in spite of the wind and rain.

The designer takes its flavor and transfers the essence of Lingnan garden architecture to the layout, giving the product a new life. In-depth research on the touch in the design, using dry grain polishing process to increase the texture of the product. The color of the layout is calm and generous, with varying shades, presenting a calm and cohesive calmness after the baptism of the years. The perfect blend of historical and modern elements has achieved a work of art that combines cultural art and aesthetic power.

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Basic Information

Number of boxes

56kg / case
2 pieces / case
0.89 piece / ㎡

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