Rustic tiles Tuba sereis

Tuba series

Product:White sand, sunken grey sand, copper grey sand


  Australia, which is inland barren and arid but rich in mineral resources, is camped as "both barbaric and charming", where rocks that have been denuded for a long time are sparse and integrated with each other. desert, yet gentle like flowing water. It inherits the simplicity and generosity of the original sandstone, and reveals the perfection and richness of sand and gravel, and the different shades restore the richness and diversity of sandstone. The white sand is bright and clean, warm and jade-like to the touch, emitting a faintly elegant atmosphere. The submerged gray sand is introverted, gentle and elegant, with a delicate natural luster. Copper gray sand has a natural texture, showing a calm atmosphere and a unique natural flavor.


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Basic Information

Number of boxes

56kg / case
2 pieces / case
0.89 piece / ㎡

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