Peck Series

Peck series

Product: Flowing Realm White Sandstone, Zeus Black Sandstone


  The border of the coast of Peck City is dotted with sandstones of different forms, which are washed by the wind and rain to show their unique and charming postures. The designer obtains the local rock material and designs the stylish and natural Peck collection. Flowland white sandstone, with pure and elegant texture and visual clarity, condenses a pure spatial tone. Zuoyu black sandstone, introverted, not warm and not dry, flows out of vitality in calmness and brews vitality in silence. Simple and elegant overall layout, can be matched to a variety of different styles of space applications, as gravel-like dotted grain pattern closely fit, greatly enhancing the texture of the stone, so that the space does not look too monotonous and boring, the natural gentleness of the rock to the living space.

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Basic Information

Number of boxes

56kg / case
2 pieces / case
0.89 piece / ㎡

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