Nanfeng Ancient Stove Series

Nanfeng Ancient Stove was built in the middle of Ming Zhengde, which is a national important cultural relic to protect the place. Because the mouth of the dragon kiln is facing the south, and the banyan shade at the end of the kiln, every summer cool breeze, so it is called "South Wind Stove". It preserves the memory temperature that cannot be lost in the life of pottery.

Designers will be the ancient stove elements into the tile, giving the product a strong sense of the times. The low-saturation gray tone color is deep and calm, and the glitter effect adds a different kind of interest to the product. The tile surface shows the mottled traces left by years, and every inch of texture exudes the ancient charm from a long time ago, whether in elements, techniques, textures or colors, all conveying the ancient literary style of a century-old pottery city.

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Basic Information

Number of boxes

56kg / case
2 pieces / case
0.89 piece / ㎡

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