Terrazzo stone tile JD-612-02H

jiu jiang jian dui series

Inspired by the intangible cultural heritage of Foshan --- Jiujiang pan-fried pile. With its flat shape, sesame dipped noodles and sweet and crispy texture, it stands out among many traditional dishes and has become a must-have gift for the New Year. Jiujiang pan-fried pile has been precipitated for hundreds of years, leaving future generations full of local sentiment, and is a unique memory to maintain a strong sense of hometown. The designer projected its form onto the tile surface, turning it into a dotted stone pattern, which makes the originally cold material into a simple and warm memory of the New Year.

Based on the same texture, the product extends into 4 different colors of beige, beige brown, dark green and dark brown, showing the beauty of diversity. The dry grain design process makes the texture more three-dimensional, and the natural smooth and slightly undulating touch comes from the fingertips when caressed. The fine lines, comfortable and cozy, is not only the expression of detail control, but also the interpretation of cultural heritage.

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Basic Information

Number of boxes

56kg / case
2 pieces / case
0.89 piece / ㎡

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